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Portable Escape Rooms

Bomb Squad

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Sweet 16
Bomb Squad Adventure Game

What are they?

Portable adventure games.

Teams of up to 6 players are guided through a story line to complete a task such as defusing a bomb, saving a monkey from a magical game or finding the totem of immortality locked in a pirate's chest.

The players will be expected to complete between 10-20 puzzles to reach an end. The puzzles include a variety of activities from tactile puzzles, touch screen games, magical dice and some mild mathematic puzzles.

During their journey, we will provide a game host for the players to ask questions, receive extra hints and take photos. 

Heart of the Jungle

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Where can we play?

Games can be played in home, the office, event venues, restaurants or basically anywhere! No power needed, each unit has a 3-4 game battery life.

Dead Man's Chest

DMC (version 5.0)
Take a look at my Canva design!
DMC (version 5.0) (1)
DMC (version 5.0)

How much does it cost to play?

Please see our entertainment pricing guide below or for team building specific click here


How do I schedule games?