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Lux Foil Balloons

Gift boldly. Lux foils are big and beautiful. If you are looking to send a message or fill a space with colorful inspiration look no further than these foil balloons. Lux foils are long lasting and can easily be picked up from our office or delivered as a gift on a specials occasion.


There are so many themes to choose from. We keep several Happy birthday themed Lux foils in stock including a jumbo birthday cake and present/cupcake combination. We also keep in stock celebratory Lux champagne glasses and bottles for anniversaries or other "congratulations" themed occasions such as promotions or retirements. 


Do not forget the holidays! Sending gift for Valentine's Day or Halloween or Christmas to a loved one has never been easier! We inflate a Lux Foil set, customize it to your liking and deliver it to your loved one! Make sure to call in advance to ensure availability of stock. 

If you see something that inspires you, click on the photo. Each photo has a unique label such as LF1. Copy that name and input it onto our Balloon Gift Order Form so we can reference it for your quote!

Have questions? Email us at or call us at 352-236-4333. 

Ready to request an estimate or place an order? Fill out the form here! 

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