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Organic Balloon Decor

Super trendy and oh so versatile, organic balloon designs can be used to dress up tables, entryways, ceilings, stairways and backdrops. 

The bubbly look of organic décor keeps the eye intrigued and when the designs are done right the look is cohesive and balanced and feels effortless! 

Each balloon finds its happy place and your events theme colors come to life and fill the room with excitement. 
Yes we have a method to the madness and doing it yourself usually only leads to frustration. Take a look at our gallery below to get a feel for the flow or vibe you would like for your perfect balloon garland. There are two levels of organic balloon décor that we offer. 

Classic organic- This is a perfect choice for framing a backdrop for a standard birthday party. It is not to thick and gives just the right about of pizzazz to your party. 

Lux organic- This luscious level of organic balloons gives a fuller, juicier look. These are the garlands you see on Pinterest with the big super bubbly balloons. 


Let us handle the balloon décor so you can relax and enjoy your event!

If you see something that inspires you, click on the photo. Each photo has a unique label such as OB1 copy that name and input it onto our Balloon Décor Booking Form so we can reference it for your quote!

Have questions? Email us at or call us at 352-236-4333. 

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