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Click this PDF icon to read about our policies and procedures for booking, paying for, and caring for balloon decor.

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How long do balloons last?

Helium filled latex balloons typically float 12-20 hours unless treated with a product called HiFloat, which extends the float time to 2-3 days at least. 

Helium filled foil balloons typically float from 3-5 days before losing some firmness.

Air-filled latex and foil designs generally last a week or more. 

The environment where the balloons are kept and displayed make a huge difference on how long they will last. Outdoor decor will last for the day. If they are in direct sunlight and high heat, they may last only a couple of hours. Helium balloons in general are not recommended for outdoor use as they will blow around in the wind and risk coming loose and floating away.


Indoor, air-filled balloons can actually last a month in ideal conditions. Ideal conditions include being kept out of indirect sunlight in a consistently cool room, and not touched (oils from hands become visible streaks/marks). Latex balloons will slowly shrink as they loose air, and will develop a matte finish regardless of original color. Helium filled latex balloons should be kept in the same conditions, but will only last 2 to 7 days, and will also shrink and take on a matte finish. Helium filled foil balloons can last weeks, but usually will loose air slowly as well, so they will become wrinkled. Foil balloons are much more sensitive to temperature changes, and can burst if brought from a cool location into a warm one. They will also shrink if brought from a warm area to a cool one.

Can I purchase balloons for a balloon release?

Jewelz Entertainment & Balloon Design does not recommend balloon releases, and will always provide a weight when selling helium filled products. When used responsibly, balloons bring a great deal of color, fun and excitement to the world. All balloons should be properly weighted and disposed of after they are enjoyed. Even though latex balloons are made from natural materials they take time to biodegrade, and foil balloons and ribbon will only end up as litter. Pin it and Bin it!

We have other ways for you to use balloons to memorialize a loved one that do not involve releasing. Please contact us and we will give you some ideas.

Are balloons biodegradable?

Latex balloons are not plastic and are made from natural rubber which is 

biodegradable. Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees and is a renewable resource. 

Foil and plastic film balloons are not biodegradable.

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