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Valentine's Day

The season of Love. Balloons are always popular choice for Valentine's Day! Jewelz Entertainment no only provides décor for event or special occasions but we also deliver enchanting gifts for your loved ones!

Sharing the love on Valentine's Day is not just limited to romantic partners. We have clients send balloons to their beloved children, teachers, parents and even staff members! Remember there is nothing like feeling appreciated and seen and Valentine's Day is just an opportunity to make that happen!

Take a glance at the photos below for some inspirational gifts that have a big impact!


If you see something that inspires you, click on the photo. Each photo has a unique label such as VD1 copy that name and input it onto our Balloon Décor Booking Form so we can reference it for your quote!


Have questions? Email us at or call us at 352-236-4333. 

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